Get More Facebook Fans Using Tip Sheet Marketing

Turn your Facebook page into a destination worth following by posting daily tips on how to make your home more beautiful and livable. There is a science to the process and you have to understand the cascading nature of home improvement projects. What may start out as a simple search for a way to remove a carpet stain can lead to new flooring, new furniture and something as big as a kitchen remodel. It may be part of a bigger end game such as getting a home ready for sale, and could lead to the need for a real estate agent or mortgage.

No matter what home related product you sell, whether its carpet, granite countertops, replacement windows or siding, Tip Sheet Marketing can put your brand in front of people who are actively working on home improvements, and the potential for sales, and referrals, is strong!

Tip Sheet Marketing fully automates the process, posting handy tips on your Facebook page every day. You don’t have to lift a finger. Better yet, each post contains a link to your Web site so when someone LIkes, Shares or Comments upon it, your brand goes along for the viral ride. Our system also sends you e-mail alerts when someone downloads one of our more comprehensive Tip Sheets, giving you their contact information and telling you what they are interested in.

The mix of tips is customized to attract prospective customers for your type of home-related business. You choose from a menu of topics ranging from home decor, maintenance/repair, kitchen remodeling, real estate sales and many more. If people often go years without needing/wanting your product, be sure to mix in some tip topics that people can use on a daily basis. This is the best way to keep people engaged on a regular basis, and keep your brand top-of-mind.

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