Facebook Marketing For Real Estate & Home Construction Related Businesses

Why would anyone follow your business on a daily basis if they only need it every few years? This is why most companies fail at Facebook marketing, and it is why we developed Tip Sheet Marketing.

Our system uses a vast library of home improvement tips to attract followers to your Facebook page. These tips are automatically posted on your Facebook page every day to keep your brand top-of-mind. The tip subject matter mix is customized for your business, but not every tip is directly related to your core product. That would be a mistake – remember – most people don’t have a daily need for your offering, but they DO for advice on more broad home improvement topics.

By posting tips on a broader range of home-related topics, you can take advantage of the cascading nature of home improvement projects. What starts out as a small project often cascades, and turns into something much larger. The simple task of looking for ways to remove a carpet stain can lead to buying new carpet, then painting… perhaps window treatments and more. Often times there is a bigger end game plan, such as getting a house ready for sale, and it may lead to a kitchen remodel, new granite countertops, and the need for a real estate agent or mortgage loan officer. Getting in front of people when they are thinking “home improvement” is great timing, and gives you the opportunity to swing a sale your way.

Our system also generates tangible sales leads containing contact info and area of interest delivered to you by e-mail alerts in real time.¬†Each tip is accompanied by a link for a more tips. When someone downloads more tips, you get an e-mail alert with their contact information and area of interest. If it’s a dead-on match for your product, follow up immediately. If it for something else, remember, it’s still home improvement related, so it’s still fertile ground.

Why tips? Simple Рthey work. They reward people for following you by giving them valuable insights. They are follow-worthy, and they help establish you as an expert in your field. The problem with most companies is all they do is post about their products and services. There is no instant reward Рjust a sales pitch. Who follows that? No one! Facebook is social media, not sell-me media, so you have to introduce yourself,

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